I recently ordered some books directly from a publishing company (Hemlock Printers in Canada), and they arrived when expected and in perfect condition.

A week or so after my order, I received a letter from the publisher saying: “I’m writing because a few of the orders we shipped out didn’t successfully make their way to their destination, and we want to be doubly sure that you got the books you ordered.  If you didn’t get them, or weren’t pleased with the condition when they arrived [here is the form to] share all the details with us.  We’ll make it right.”  And then it gave the name and direct number of the customer service representative for this project in case you’d rather call.

How nice that a company is proactive in its service.  Instead of waiting for unhappy customers to contact them or responding, they took the initiative (and expense) to check on things.

Their tag line is:  Integrity.  Innovation.  In Print.  They certainly lived out the integrity part with their letter.  

Take a lesson from Hemlock and do what you proclaim to do — without being asked.

— beth triplett

Publisher for Seth Godin’s book: What to do when it’s your turn

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