When all the leaves fall from the trees, I am fascinated at the big squirrel nests that remain. I think of what was involved in making the shelter as it is usually in the highest part of the branches.  I think about the babies that lived there and wonder why I have never seen a truly tiny little squirrel: do they have to be big just to get down from the nest?  I wonder how many squirrels lived there and where they go when the leaves disappear.

But mostly I am struck by how something so large was totally hidden from my view until the seasons changed.  

I wonder what else I pass every day without seeing it.  Are there good deeds occurring that I don’t notice?  Is someone lonely and I can’t tell that they are hurting?  Is someone in need but pretending that everything is fine?  Or maybe someone is interested in another, but hasn’t shown it.

We don’t have the luxury of seasons in relationships where things that were hidden become obvious.  During this hectic holiday season, make some time to go beyond the small talk.  Pull back the leaves and see if there is a nest in your family tree or among your friends.  

— beth triplett

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