Today is National Watermelon Day — a reason to celebrate if I ever heard one.  I L-O-V-E watermelon.  I live in a state where it is only available a few months out of the year so I savor it even more.  

Several years ago, someone had the idea to genetically modify watermelons to make them seedless.  In my opinion, this was a very bad move.  Seedless watermelons taste different than seeded ones and I don’t like them nearly as well.  I buy whole seeded watermelons for just me, but never purchase the seedless variety at all.  Unfortunately, seeded watermelons have become harder and harder to find.  Apparently produce managers think that because the melon has been engineered to be seedless they are “better”, but I would heartily disagree.

Is there something like watermelon in your organization that may be fine as it is, but you have someone who wants to tinker with it anyway?  I am all in favor of change and on-going improvements, but before you move ahead to modify something, ask yourself if there really is a need to do so.  In the case of watermelon seeds, Mother Nature knew what she was doing.

— beth triplett

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