I learn a lot of new things in my staff meeting “nuggets” including having a window into some of the latest trends.  I learned about 3D printing in this forum, but last week I saw a glimpse into the hot new product of Rainbow Loom.

For those of you not exposed to anyone under age 16, it is quite fashionable to make bracelets out of multi-colored rubber bands.  (Note: the bands are also glow-in-the-dark, neon, glitter, etc. — not just any color.)  Kids are buying the kits and bands like crazy and spending hours making “jewelry” or following intricate directions to create patterns.

Unlike the previous fad of Silly Bands, Rainbow Loom actually seems to be welcomed at school and in daycare (presumably because it mesmerizes young ones as they are deep in concentration!).  

Maybe you should consider bringing a Rainbow Loom to your next staff meeting so that your team can gain these lessons from its use:

> Persistence: you need practice to get the hang of it!
> Patience:  especially if you move beyond the elementary styles
> Following direction:  who doesn’t want their staff to have some of this?
> Visualization: taking an idea into implementation
> Creativity: the combinations are endless!
> Building self-esteem: after you practice patience and get good at it!
> Working together: a perfect team-building option

All the lessons you teach your staff don’t have to be lofty!  Take advantage of a fun new trend and let Rainbow Loom serve as a training exercise for you.

— beth triplett

Source:  Why Rainbow Loom Can Be Good for Kids’ Development by Katherine Lee
Thanks to Amy and Leah for introducing this to us

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